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Musa Al-hassy
Approx: “Moses the conscious”



Quick Facts

I've been a teaching assistant for “mathematics for computing” for ~10 years; and have taught “specifications and correct-by-construction programming” for ~3 years.


What do?
Running, learning, Go, free software, hiking, type theory, category theory, metaprogramming, Life configuring with Emacs, blogging
Favourite langs?
Emacs Lisp, Racket/Clojure, Haskell/OCaml, C/C#, Smalltalk/Ruby, Prolog
Why a lang?
I like languages that teach me interesting things, e.g., Isabelle for termination yielding induction principles.
Opinion …
Education is a leisurely activity, intellectual curiosity, analogous to gaming


  • [ ] Blog more often
  • [ ] Run 60km
  • [ ] Memorise the Quran
  • [ ] Read lots of books
  • [ ] Be an eloquent poet

What do?

Some things I like …

I like to make ‘deep dives’ into some topics and make cheatsheets for them …

Here are a few of them…

I have an ‘awesome emacs config’ that is extensively documented:

The ‘badges’ in this article —and tooltips in my blog— are formed using my Org-mode Emacs interface (•̀ᴗ•́)و