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Quick reference to the core language of Emacs ---Editor MACroS.

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Pretty cheat sheets, or ``reference cards'', obtainable from Org files.

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Reference of basic commands to get comfortable with OCaml.

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This project is to contain a listing of common theorems in elementary category theory.

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My Emacs configuration, literately :smile:

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A slow-paced introduction to reflection in Agda. ---Tactics!

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PhD research ;; What's the difference between a typeclass/trait and a record/class/struct? Nothing really, or so I argue.

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Reference sheet for the Coq language.

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A Haskell implementation of the code within Walid Taha's ``A Gentle Introduction to Multi-stage Programming''

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An Emacs mode for working with Agda code in an Org-mode like fashion, more or less.

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Learning C program proving using Emacs --reminiscent of Coq proving with Proof General.

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Reference sheet for definitions and results in elementary Lattice Theory; and other articles on Order Theory.

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Notes & implementations of the code within Jeremy Gibbons' ``Design Patterns as Higher-Order Datatype-Generic Programs''; notably focus on multibranching trees and their BDS.

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Programs written while learning and discovering :-)

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Basics of relational programming with Prolog —PROgramming in LOGic ^_^

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All the Git-it Workshop completers!

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I won first place with this poster for McMaster's CAS Poster Competition ^_^

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Notes about stuff I'm learning regarding islam :-)

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A quick cheat sheet for common terms in Goju Ryu Karate ---the hard-soft style of karate.

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Reference of basic commands to get comfortable with Git at the command line, and magit.

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Lecture material for DeepSpec Summer School 2018

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A LaTeX resume template, tailored for the recent graduate who aspires to be a Data Scientist/Engineer.

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Basics of the tremendously ubiquitous C language that permeates most of computing!

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Org-mode powered Jekyll blog! -- C.f.

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The Agda standard library

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A new Categories library

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Agda is a dependently typed programming language / interactive theorem prover.

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